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How did this lunatic movement begin?

Let’s start at the beginning, if we can find a beginning, and try to find some historical data on the movement to push climate change down our throats.

Prior to the 1970s I do not remember hearing about “climate change” or “globull warming”. I did not hear one peep about industry being the bad boys, or that millionaires were the 1%, or even that banks were evil. Whilst you could argue that this might have something to do with my age, I will argue that at that time in my life I was very politically aware of what was happening.

My political awareness came of age on the day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I can distinctly remember hearing the news on the radio and then going outside to tell my mother that the President had been shot. She was putting clothing on the clothesline when the news came on the radio. This awareness was all the more acute because my mother’s sister had married an American and has been living in Michigan for a very long time. This was also the era of the Vietnam War, and again my awareness began to peak during a period of large moratorium demonstrations. It was enhanced by the fact that one of my neighbours was very keen to serve, and my American cousin had been called up for National Service. Needless to say the TV news was full of the politics and the demonstrations. This was also the end of an era for Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies, and then of course there was the news regarding Prime Minister Harold Holt who had drowned whilst swimming off Cheviot Beach in Victoria. Plus in Victoria this was the end of an era for Premier Bolte.  Yet with all of this going on I never once heard mention of the weather conditions being attributed to globull warming, not once.

As I recall my childhood years the 1960s were actually quite warm. We had some very hot summer days, with many of them being spent at the beach. The hot summer days also meant that we had drought conditions, plus the inevitable bush fires in Victoria, especially in the Mornington Peninsula, the Dandenong Ranges, Mt. Macedon, and around Ballarat to name a few distinct areas where the fires had raged. However, by the early 1970s there had been a distinct shift in the weather, with the onset of summer days that were a lot colder, coupled with more rain. It was in the 1970s that I first heard mention of the fear of the coming of an ice age. With the temperatures being a lot cooler it was easy to see why such a proposition was so easily accepted. Yet, that proposition was quietly dropped.

Just like in other cities around the world, Melbourne had a pollution problem called smog. This was fog and smoke joined together, and the smog did not lift. The fact that we had smog meant that some people who were vulnerable came down with respiratory illness. Concern about smog itself was quite legitimate. It soon became clear that car exhaust fumes were somewhat to blame for the smog. This led to the movement to get rid of leaded petrol.

The movement to get rid of leaded petrol actually brought headaches for car owners because the alternative fuel, that is unleaded petrol was not a good idea for most petrol driven cars. The breakthrough came when someone invented the catalyctic converter, and someone else invented the rotary engine. It is a direct result of these inventions that we have managed to control car emissions thus cleaning up the air pollution that had been plaguing our major cities.

It is highly likely that some world leaders were taken in by the warmistas of that period because they recognized that there was a pollution problem relating to cars. Yet the movement itself had been under the radar until that point in time when Al Gore released his lying book called “An Inconvenient Truth”. The problem of course is that Al Gore was lying in order to enrich himself.